Summer's Landing Vidalia

Our Philosophy Of Care

Our Philosophy Of Care

Here at Summer’s Landing Senior Living Community, we recognize that aging is a normal part of the life process, and we understand that everyone’s experience is unique.

Our goals , policies, and operating procedures are all based on a resident centered philosophy.

“We believe that each person is special, a unique individual worthy of the best opportunity to live life to the fullest.”

This is the philosophy upon which Summer’s Landing Senior Living Community built its reputation and is what makes Summer’s Landing such a great retirement community.

Our Staff Of Caregivers

Activities coordinators, directors, assistants, and our food service staff, are continuously trained and educated to exact the highest standard of care.

At Summer’s Landing, we take time to ensure that everyone who interacts with our residents understands and properly cares for each of our resident’s unscheduled needs.

We ensure that caregivers remain involved with the same residents each day, fostering a sense of familiarity and friendship that is often so desperately needed.

Our Mission

The mission of Summer’s Landing Senior Living Community is to provide a lifestyle that enhances the quality of life for each and every person in our care.

We continually strive to engage in activities that energize the body, mind, and spirit, while providing a comfortable and secure living environment free from stress and worries.

Value Life, In All Of It’s Many Stages…..

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